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Tribal Recruitment

What made you be part of friend’s tribe? You might believe “proximity, we grew up in the same neighbourhood” . Ok , if it’s the case your tribe is composed of the same friends you had from your childhood, that’s a good point. However, I am sure there were many other people in the same

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ScrumMasters and Dragons : Bcn Session

Last Wednesday, March 20th, Agilar celebrated the end of this winter in Barcelona organizing a “ScrumMasters and Dragons” session, in collaboration with Appstylus . We had the opportunity to perform this session with around 20 people, with different skills: From agile coaches, members of the Agile BCN community, some advanced practitioners and some newbies. From Agilar, we had the pride to

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Measuring team velocity in User Stories

Let’s consider a scrum team who is working together from enough time as to have reached their “performing” stage. And in this consideration, the term team includes the Product Owner. Let’s imagine this team is starting a new project, in the same technologies and in a business area they already know, so no specific complications. The

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