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A coach is not part of the team

Teams are cool. Forming part of a cool team is even cooler. By working closely with a team it is easy to feel part of it but that’s not the job of a coach. As a coach your role is to make the team go through the tortuous path to high-performance. Chances are you are

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Measuring team velocity in User Stories

Let’s consider a scrum team who is working together from enough time as to have reached their “performing” stage. And in this consideration, the term team includes the Product Owner. Let’s imagine this team is starting a new project, in the same technologies and in a business area they already know, so no specific complications. The

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¿Tu equipo colabora, o mueve las tareas?

El gran reto de un equipo auto-organizado es aprender a colaborar. Si trabajas con Scrum, en las reuniones del sprint planing muchos equipos subdividen las historias de usuario en tareas, para después poder llevar registro y coordinación del avance en cada historia. Un problema que observamos algunas veces, es que las personas posteriormente se limitan

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